Winter/Snow Tires

Winter/Snow Tires

Winter will come to Barrie. Contact Peacock Auto and get your snow tires!

Why do I need winter tires in Barrie, Ontario? Peacock Auto explains why winter tires are necessary.

When temperatures drop below 7C the rubber in all-season tires starts to harden. The harder it gets, the less traction tires have. Winter tires are made with rubber that stays softer in the cold. They also have treads designed to grip ice and snow.

All-season tires are a compromise intended to provide acceptable traits under a wide variety of conditions. However, that compromised goal prevents them from being a master of any one of them. The All-season tire tread designs and compounds that are engineered to provide extended mileages and durability under the summer's sun are less effective in winter's freezing temperatures. Specific winter tires on the other hand deliver much better snow and ice performance than all-season tires because their tread designs and tread compounds are engineered to master those conditions.

While it's great to have the luxury of staying off the roads when it's snowing, it's even better to have the freedom of movement that winter tires provide. It is difficult to accurately predict winter storms and road conditions so having winter tires on your vehicle is a worthwhile investment that could potentially save your life!

For more information about our winter tires contact Peacock Auto in Barrie, Ontario

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Last Updated On: October 02, 2017
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