Automotive Air Conditioning Service

Automotive Air Conditioning Service

Are you having trouble with your car's AC?

Peacock Auto in Barrie, Ontario offers Automotive Air Conditioning Services for all vehicles

Your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating systems are the main contributors to your driving comfort. The complexity of the temperature control systems in the modern car has the ability heat or cool not only the driver, but allows for separate cooling and heating of the passengers, regardless if they are in the front or rear of the vehicle. All of this even if it is +30 or -30 degrees outside, your vehicle has the ability to keep you at the settings that are the most comfortable for you.

These heating and cooling temperatures are adjusted by controls that may be operated by cables, vacuum or electrical switches and motors. Fan speeds are controlled by switches and resistors. They have the ability to heat up, or start cool air flowing. This air flow can also be directed to numerous outlets, to defrost your windshield, warm your feet or send air to the interior. Cabin air filters are common in a large segment of today’s cars and must be replaced on a regular basis to keep the air flowing at maximum efficiency.

The car’s air conditioning system is on during your defrost settings, this is done to remove moisture and dehumidify the air for faster clearing of the windshield.

For more information on automotive air conditioning service, or to schedule your auto AC maintenance, please call Peacock Auto of Barrie, Ontario.

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Last Updated On: July 11, 2017
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