Seasonal Tire Change

Seasonal Tire Change

Drive safely each season with appropriate seasonal tires

Peacock Auto Service Limited in Barrie, Ontario offers seasonal tire change services

Here at Peacock Auto in Barrie, we know tires. Seasonal tire changes allow you to prevent unnecessary wear of tires that are not suited to the current season.

An important fact to remember is that when the temperature is above 7 degrees, it is a good time to have a seasonal tire change to summer or all-season tires. Above 7 degrees, winter tires will wear out much faster and become less effective as a result of the softer compound. By changing your winter tires to summer tires or all season tires, you'll preserve the life of your winter tires, effectively saving you money.

Once the temperature begins to consistently go below 7 degrees, it is then time for winter tires. Summer and all season tires are very ineffective at providing traction on the road during the winter, posing a threat to your safety.

Peacock Auto Service Limited in Barrie, Ontario can perform seasonal tire changes for all kinds of tires, every season. For more information, please give us a call.

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