Wheel Re-torquing

Wheel Re-torquing

Ensure the safety of your wheels and driving experience by having your wheels re-torqued

Peacock Auto in Barrie, Ontario provides expert wheel re-torquing services

If you've had your wheels balanced, had a seasonal tire changeover or have had any brake work done, we would have taken off your wheels to do this. After installation, your wheels need to be re-torqued after driving approximately 100 km. This service is free for Peacock Auto customers and only takes minutes to do.

Re-torquing the wheels involves tightening the lug nuts to help ensure they’re not too tight or too loose. Too tight, and the nuts can damage bolt threads, break fasteners or warp new rotors. Too loose, and your wheel could fall off when you’re driving. It’s an incredibly unlikely scenario, but it would certainly put your safety at risk.

Torque is a measure of the twisting force applied to your lug nuts, and technicians make sure your lug nuts are torqued to the manufacturer’s specifications when your tires are first installed. Now, after your summer tires have been changed over, for example, you’re going to be doing a bit of driving around.

For more information on our wheel re-torquing service or to schedule an appointment, please contact Peacock Auto in Barrie, Ontario.

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